Frequently asked questions

No that is not needed. We have divided our classes into levels and it’s not all that has something to do with dance. We will teach you the basics needed to progress. If you wish to dance you should book the Pole Dance, Girly Dance or Dancehall classes.

Pole Beginners: il Wear shorts underneath leggings if possible. Otherwise just wear shorts, a regular top and we train on bare feet.
Remove jewelry before class.

Aerial Hoop & Aerial Silk: Wear leggings and bring a long-sleeved blouse in case you’ll need it. We train on bare feet. Remove jewelry before class.

Flexy, Core & Stretch: You’ll need stretchy pants and socks can also be a good ide to bring.

Poledance, Girly Dance og Dancehall: Wear comfortable clothes. If you have knee pads or over-knee socks then bring them for pole dance classes. For Girly Dance and Dancehall bring indoor shoes.

You can book either:

Pole Beginners – Silk Beginners – Hoop Beginners – Girly Dance – Dancehall – Flexy – Core & Stretch.

You can read more about the classes here.

After purchasing a trial class you’re able to book a spot on the Beginners class. Do you wish to book a higher level class you’ll need to purchase a single class. Read more about our prices >>

Yes you can. We are teaching everything from scratch so everyone can join. If you wish to be more flexible you can join our flexibility classes called Flexy.

Yes. We will teach everything from scratch so everyone can join. You will most likely be able to see results after a couple of months.

No, it’s not. Pole dance and pole fitness are a way of workout, which is fun and motivating.

We want to be sure that under aged girls/boys have permission from their parents. That’s why a parent has to give their CPR number, when a girl/boy under 18 years signs up.

Most of our classes are taught in English, since we have a lot of English speaking members. We always try to take language barriers into consideration.

Yes. We take a minor fee. It’s not possible in a binding period though. The minimum period is one week and maximum is 3 months during one year.

Yes, we do have different periods on the memberships. HoP Pass is a clip card and is not seen as a membership.

See our memberships >>

You can train as you please. You don’t have to come to class together.

When one signs out the other friend’s membership will change to Pole Addict.

See our memberships >>

If you quit your membership (after your binding period) before the 15th of a month it will terminate by the end of the month. If you quit it after the 15th (after your binding period) it will terminate by the end of the following month.

You can sign out via our system.

Log in > Go to “Min konto” in the top right corner > Quit membership

Log into the booking system and update your new card information.

Please contact us and we’ll have a look at it.

Phone: +45 22 36 34 75